Healing Sessions

Experience the transformative power of mindful energy healing. Our services are designed to help you restore balance, eliminate negative energies, and achieve a state of harmony and peace with yourself and the surrounding world. We offer:

  • Removal of Energetic Parasites: we will take care of your energy field by removing negative energies and blocks that drain you
  • Chakra Cleansing and Balancing: during the energy work we will also cleanse, activate, and balance your chakras to ensure a harmonious energy flow throughout your body.
  • Emotional Release: you will be helped to free yourself from trapped emotions and past traumas, creating space for new, positive energies.
  • Mindfulness Practice: we integrate mindfulness techniques during the sessions to enhance awareness and deepen the healing process.

Personalized Healing Sessions

Our 90-minute personalized healing sessions are available both online and in Gliwice Poland. We provide a comprehensive approach to energy healing. Each session includes:

  • Theoretical Part: you will learn the fundamentals of energy healing, its mechanisms, and how you can improve your overall health and wellness. We will work with a mindful approach to help you better understand not only energy flow but also the general influence of awareness development on your body and mind.
  • Practical Part: you will be guided through meditation straight to the direct experience of energy healing. We will remove blocks, diagnose your chakras conditions, and increase your vibration with the healing energy of love.
  • Tool Selection: we will give you some personalized recommendations and practical tools to support your spiritual journey.

These sessions are perfect for anyone looking to deepen their healing process, work with awareness, and experience its benefits firsthand.

Price: 80 EUR

Two-Day Personal Retreat

Escape to a two-day (one night) retreat in the city of Lubliniec surrounded by forests. 1 on 1 retreat is designed to kick off your healing process with some deep energy work and meditations.

  • Intensive Energy Work: participate in private sessions aimed at deep cleansing and balancing your energy system
  • Guided Meditations: explore various meditation techniques to enhance your inner peace and self-awareness
  • Consciousness Discussions: engage in discussions to discover yourself and do conscious work with awareness
  • Mindfulness Practice: integrate mindfulness practices throughout the retreat to help you stay present and fully engage with the healing process
  • Finding Balance: learn and practice new methods for achieving a balanced, slow, and aware lifestyle, reducing stress, and improving your quality of life

These retreats are perfect for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and choosing an aware life. We will spend together 6 – 8 hours per day working with energy, mind, and body.

Price: 350 EUR + accommodation and food (additional 50 – 80 EUR according to your preferences)

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